Our goal is to providethe best service in the world ...

The highest Italian workers and the most effective organization combine with productive creativity to allow customers to realize their dream.

Not a partnership but “the Partner”, able to always guarantee the result, in every aspect of the project, independetly of dimensions and complexity.

We feed on the customer’s ambition.

... worldwide.

At every latitude we guarantee our work both in new buildings and in renovations.


Our cultural roots lie in the artistic heritage of painters, sculptors, architects and in the skill of the craftsmen who made the Italian Renaissance flourish.

The same competence and mastery – endorsed by modern technologies – we now make available to those who aspire to experience the aura of absolute exclusivity of a new Contemporary Renaissance.

We are working in:

Nizza private apartment renovation
Posillipo (Napoli) pictorial decoration and painting – private apartment
Roma pictorial decoration and stucco 5 star hotel luxury in historic building
Amalfi (Salerno) stucco decoration 5 star hotel luxury
Parigi 5 star hotel maintenance
Parigi interior finishing works and stucco decoration – private apartment
Firenze renovation of private residence in historic building and total restoration of the building
Empoli (Firenze) completion of new construction and related garden
Lucca decoration and paintings of private Villa
Punta Ala (Grosseto) renovation of private residence with complete garden makeover

At the service of creativity

Domus Operandi asks his client to dream.
In the dream the imagination stands out very high flights: those are the targets we set ourselves.

We want to be for you what the atelier is for the stylist.

Domus Operandiis much more

Some call them services from “A” to “Z”, some to “360 °” but we go further. Ours becomes an integrated philosophy of workers and services that create what we define:
“confort zone for Architects and Designers“
leaving them full control of the creative and expressive goal.

We operate

We carry out the
executive drawings

We deal with all the
procedures and bureaucracy

We take care of the